Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Here are all the project my husband and I have done together! Of course, we are broke newly weds so these projects will be the cheapest (in price) you can make them!

This is the bedroom set that we made; We love the rustic barn look! This bedroom set [headboard and 2 nightstands] cost us a total of $73.36!
2 Nightstands $40
Headboard with Lights $33.68 
Headboard without Lights $3.68

Click the pictures for plans and details!

Rustic Headboard // Rustic Nightstands


These projects [the blanket ladder, console table, and pallet clock backdrop] are in our living room area! I can't tell you how many compliments we get on these by the people that come visit us!
Blanket Ladder $8
Console Table Around $12
Pallet Clock Backdrop $3.68

Console Table // Blanket Ladder
Large Frame and Picture // Large 36" Wreath
Rustic Wood Wall Art //
Christmas Wall Art //

Next Projects:
In the Office
2 Large Wooden Desks
Sofa Table/Long Console Table

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